Biocentric received the CE -IVD certification for the test Generic HIV Viral Load

Biocentric is a French Biotech company specialized in the domain of IVD tests and more specifically in PCR viral load assays. 
The company was created in 1999 by Marc Tordjeman, Ph.D. 
Biocentric headquarters are located in Bandol, a small city on the French Riviera. Its facilities of 800 sq meter include a brand new R&D laboratory, production, administration and warehouse.
In 2006, a fruitful collaboration with the National AIDS Research Institute (ANRS) allows Biocentric to launch the first low-cost Academic HIV-1 Viral load Assay, denominated Generic HIV Charge Virale. Unlike other tests available on the market, Biocentric tests can be performed on open platforms. In other words, there is no need for proprietary or expensive instrumentation.
Since 2014, Biocentric is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. 
However, Biocentric signed agreements with instrument manufacturers like Life technologies, Diasorin or Hain Life Science, allowing it to sell and install the open instrumentation needed to perform its tests.
On September 2015 , Biocentric has marked a crucial milestone. Its product , the test Generic HIV Viral Load , received CE -IVD certification which now allows to commercialize its tests in Europe and particularly in France. 
This certification is the result of constant efforts and investments since the beginning of the company. Biocentric joins the exclusive club of the five companies, all multinationals that obtained this precious document.
In a year, the company's workforce doubled from 8 to 17. This opening to some new markets offer great opportunities for development and new hiring. 
We could say that is a proof that a small company, with dedicated employees, all based in Bandol, can build a model of cooperation between industry and the French academic research.