Mar 20
20.03.2017 to 23.03.2017Health Capital

European Biosensor Symposium

Venue : Potsdam, Germany
The Symposium will cover all topics of biosensor research and focus on
  • Technologies for innovative formats: implantable, non-invasive, single-use bio-sensors,  paper-diagnostics
  • Bioengineered and biomimetic recognition elements (MIPs, aptamers, receptors, modified enzymes with increasing catalytic activity, sensor-actuator-molecules etc.)
  • Nanotechnology, surface engineering and bioelectronics (Single-Molecules and molecular sensors, DNA-Origami, nanoparticles and nanostructures enhancing biosensor performance etc.)
  • Cell biosensors: Sensors with cells (Pharma testing, cell toxicity, REACH); in the cell („Pebbels“, indicators, „biosensing“); for cell research and single cell based diagnostics (Patch-Clamp and electrodes, sensors for regenerative therapies)
  • Advances in applications (applications in the clinics and „traditional“ areas like environment and food safety, infection diagnostics including alternative strategies (e.g. mass spec. for microbes), new applications
  • Theory and mathematics, software development: e.g. multivalence in bio-sensing

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