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Company description
Attomol is a manufacturer of medical diagnostics south of Berlin.
Whole test kits for the detection of mutations, infectious agents, and autoimmune diseases are developed and produced by us since 1997. Thereby Attomol holds patents for applied technologies. Our main competences are the miniaturising and multiplexing of test systems. This allows us to ensure an optimal diagnostic performance as well as professional customer service.
Our company is mainly defined by the daily work of our highly qualified and motivated employees, who accompany Attomol for many years. Therefore we are able to supply our customers with robust and reliable tests and support them in the application of our products. Furthermore we constantly invest time and resources in the development of new tests to fulfil the needs of our customers.
In research and development we intensively cooperate with our partners of the research network BioResponse e.V., including the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg and institutes of the Technical University Dresden. We are grateful for our networking with numerous companies, institutes, and research facilities enabled by our membership in the DiagnostikNet-BB e.V. The requirements for state of the art quality, product documentation and quality assurance were achieved by the implementation of DIN ISO 13485. Our products are approved by internal and external validation within the process of CE-labelling and by the participation in proficiency testing.
Product / Services
Multiplex Bead Assay by fluorescence encoded beads EP1332365/US7361515 PCR Array as a combination of Multiplex Bead Assay and Realtime PCR EP2167964 Digital Bead Assay by Femtoliter reaction spaces EP15163773.3 LoopTag Realtime PCR Probes System EP2167685
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Areas of activity
Medical diagnostic / companion diagnostic
Molecular profiling
Pharmacogenetics /pharmacogenomics
Autoimmune disease
Genetic Diseases
Genetic testing
Immunology (in vitro)
Molecular biology, structural and cellular (in vitro)
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