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Company description
ArcDia Ltd is a company for R&D, manufacturing and marketing of innovative products for automated rapid testing of infectious diseases, including both identification of pathogens and antimicrobial resistance testing.
ArcDia employs 28 professionals in Turku Finland.
Product / Services
ArcDia's mariPOC® is the first test system on the market to enable rapid multianalyte testing of acute infectious diseases in point-of-care settings. The test panel covers viruses and bacteria for most common acute infections.

mariPOC® is designed to improve patient management and quality of health care, and it allows timely pathogen-specific diagnostics and medication. Frost & Sullivan awarded mariPOC® as leading product in point-of-care diagnostics of respiratory tract infections in 2014.
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Areas of activity
Medical diagnostic / companion diagnostic
Other technology services (IT, sensors etc.)
Immunology (in vitro)
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