Alphabio Laboratory

Company description
Founded in 1990, Alphabio is one of the largest independent French laboratory in medical biology. To date the Alphabio group includes 20 laboratories. The Group's business is divided between conventional medical biology, hospital biology, specializing and rare biology, quality control department and applied R&D division. Among all laboratory Alphabio sites, 5 sites work closely with health institutions (hospitals and clinics) in Marseille. For this, these sites are located near or in the hospital premises to reduce support time and reporting the results.
Technical platforms have a large number of controllers adapted to the needs of our patients. The European Laboratory, opened in 2013 along with the new European Marseille Hospital has modern premises of 3600 m2 in the hospital. This latest generation technical platform is in continuous operation 24h / 24h, 7 / 7d. We have several technical platforms; some very specialized such as AMP (Assisted Medically Procreation), Somatic Genetic and Molecular Infectiology.

With over 255 employees including 141 technicians and 43 biologists, the group supports about 8 000 patient medical records per week.

Through our clinical trial management expertise and our collaborations with hospital or liberal clinicians and pharmaceutical companies, our R&D department develops first, applied research projects accompanied by prospective clinical trials to identify new diagnostic, prognostic or therapeutic companion markers. Secondly, we performed projects to improve tests or methods performances in the field of infectious diseases.
Product / Services
- Conventional medical biology,
- Hospital biology,
- Specializing and rare biology,
- Applied R&D in the service of personalized medicine.
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