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Finnish molecular diagnostics company specialized in rapid DNA testing utilizing its proprietary GenomEra™-technology. Abacus Diagnostica’s mission is to provide innovative and simple-to-use solutions to enable routine use of DNA based testing without compromising the quality of results and move the molecular diagnostic to the next level of easiness.
Product / Services
The GenomEra CDX™ system offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for routine DNA testing with high performance, reliability and quality of the results.

The system utilizes:
•an automated PCR analyzer
•a proprietary test chip concept
•clear and easy to use result interpretation technology

GenomEra CDX™ SA/MRSA Blood Culuture test detects the presence of S. aureus (SA) and methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) in gram positive blood culture bottles in 50 min and enables clinicians to optimize therapy two or more days faster and save time of starting acute lifesaving therapy.
Automated GenomEra MRSA/SA PCR test allows rapid and sensitive detection of MRSA-specific DNA directly from the any positive culture plates with no additional sample preparation. It obtains a definitive genetic diagnosis of MRSA/SA in 50 minutes instead of time consuming confirmation methods which usually take several days.
Collecting samples from multiple colonization is significantly to increasing the clinical sensitivity of MRSA screening. For the first time in PCR applications, the GenomEra MRSA Multi Swab assay directly accepts swab specimens pooled in liquid medium (eSwab MRSA Collection System, Copan). The same medium can be used for confirmation by culture so that separate samples need not be collected.
Diagnosing Clostridium difficile is a challenge in many clinical microbiological laboratories because of poor performance of tests, increasing testing costs and complicated algorithms. The GenomEra™ platform from Abacus Diagnostica offers a rapid, simple and high performance molecular way to diagnose your patients.
GBS (Group B Streptococcus)

GBS is the leading cause of life-threatening infections in newborns. Rapid and sensitive detection of neonatal infections and initiation of appropriate treatment is needed to minimize morbidity and mortality among newborns. PCR has proved to be a useful diagnostic tool due to its increased sensitivity and specificity and fast results.
For prenatal screening, the accuracy and timing of testing is important to prevent unnecessary use of intra-partum antibiotic prophylaxis (IAP)
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Medical diagnostic / companion diagnostic
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