About EDCA

European Diagnostic Clusters Alliance

Purpose and objectives of the association

The purpose of the association is :

  • to promote competitiveness of European industry in the area of medical diagnosis. To this end the association will enhance the synergies between academicals research, clinical research, health authorities and diagnostic companies;
  • to ease the growth of European SMEs in medical diagnostic;
  • to promote the development of diagnostic clusters and competitiveness clusters in Europe;
  • to promote cooperation between diagnostic clusters (inter-cluster) in order to help build European collaborative projects.

    More specifically, the main objectives of the European Diagnostic Clusters Alliance are:
  • to underpin the competitiveness of European Medical Diagnostic players through networking and innovative partnerships;
  • to ease and fasten access to non-EU markets( especially North America And Asia);;
  • to harness the premium role of medical diagnostic in the health care practice.

Membership categories

  • Founding members: first clusters to sign articles of statute and involved in the Board.
  • Effective members: national or regional clusters dedicated to medical diagnostic whose members are small and medium enterprises, large companies, academic research centres, clinical research centres, etc.
  • Associated members: intended for clusters that want regular access to comprehensive information about policy developments affecting EDC Alliance, but do not have the same rights as effective members. They can participate to some activities organized by the Association and they have the right to be heard by the Board (with its agreement). They do not have the right to vote at Board meetings but have the right to vote in General Assemblies.

The Structure

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the decision maker of EDC Alliance. The General Assembly shall:

  • decide on the budget, the membership fees and other financial contributions for the following years as recommended by the Board;
  • approve the annual accounts of the past year; give instructions to the Board on matters proposed by the members;
  • elect the President and the Board of EDC Alliance and the auditors and/or the accountants for bookkeeping purposes, as required by law;
  • resolve and decide on all other business and matters the General Assembly may deem appropriate, lawful and reasonable to be dealt with by EDC Alliance;

EDC Alliance Board

The cluster members of the Association are represented on the Board by one national cluster representative per country (national contact points). The Board is made up of the following national clusters representatives: Bioturku, Biowales, Biowin, Eurobiomed, Medicen, Oxford academic health Science network, Uppsala Bio, ZMDB

The tasks of the Board:

  • prepare proposals relative to these By-Laws
  • prepare EDC Alliance annual working program
  • control and supervise the use of membership fees and other revenues generated by the EDC Alliance in the best interest of the EDC Alliance's members
  • administer and supervise EDC Alliance programs
  • approve the annual budget for the respective next Business Year of EDC Alliance at Board level and present it to the General Assembly for its approval
  • propose and appoint the Legal Counsel, the accountants and/or auditors for EDC Alliance
  • deal with any other business and matters of EDC Alliance, which do not fall into the exclusive competence of the General Assembly

President, vice-president, secretary general, treasurer

The Board elects for a three-year period a president, a vice-president, a secretary general and a treasurer in charge of the budget. The Presidents represent the EDC Alliance and carry out decisions of the Board. The Secretary General is nominated by the President subject to approval by the Board. The Secretary General is responsible for the execution of the day to day affairs of the EDC Alliance and manage the administration including the Secretariat of EDC Alliance under the supervision and direction of the Board.